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Tennessee Homeless Solutions Partners with Hotels to Provide Shelter During the Arctic Blast

JACKSON, Tenn. - With the arctic front coming, Tennessee Homeless Solutions is taking action to help the homeless in Madison County.

The local agency is providing shelter to those in need during the winter blast.

Local hotels have partnered with Tennessee Homeless Solutions to give the homeless a warm and safe place to stay.

Amy McDonald is helping people begin to check into the hotels.

“We currently have eighteen households in the hotel, tomorrow we have another five going to check in.”

McDonald found out firsthand today how dangerous the cold weather can be.

“I woke up this morning, and it was twenty-nine degrees outside. I had a wind chill warning on my phone and just a few minutes by just being outside in the temperatures this morning can cause frostbite, hypothermia.”

Tennessee Homeless Solutions not only helps Madison County but serves in a total of twenty-three counties.

Shelter for the storm is being provided to everyone in need in West Tennessee.

Donations for essential things such as coats and blankets, warm food, hygiene products, and bus tickets are also being collected.

“So, we are trying to be proactive in getting people in shelter.”

For anyone needing shelter or wanting to donate items can contact Tennessee homeless solutions at 866-307-5469.

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