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Tennessee Highway Patrol held a recruiting open house in Jackson in an effort to fill open positions


Law enforcement agencies all across the country have been short staffed, and the Tennessee Highway Patrol is no exception.

“It's become a challenge to get folks to come and apply that are interested in being a trooper…you know the job market is such to where that there's not a shortage of jobs, so people have the ability to kind of pick and choose what they'd like to do," Lieutenant Chris Hosick of the Tennessee Highway Patrol said.

In an effort to get people interested in becoming a Highway Patrol Officer, the department held a recruiting open house today.

“We're trying to have folks come and just kind of see what we're all about…law enforcement may not be on their radar right now, but being a trooper on the highway patrol, you definitely have an opportunity. Opportunity to do good for people's lives," Hosick said.

Lieutenant Hosick says jobs with the department are well-paying jobs with good benefits, “We have health insurance, dental benefits, vision benefits. So. But more than that, you're coming to join the family of troopers that will be glad to have you in. We are a big family here in Jackson.”

For lieutenant Hosick, it’s more than just a job, “Yes, we write tickets and we investigate crashes, but we also change tires and get people gas and things like that. So, you know, you can make a positive impact on your community.”

If you missed the recruiting open house today, don’t worry.

“Trooper positions are open almost perpetually at this point. So, you know, if you are interested in being a state trooper, we'd highly encourage you to come out and visit with us, and we'll give you a tour and kind of sit down with you and explain to you what being a trooper is," Lieutenant Hosick said.

If you’re interested in a position with the department, you can learn more here!

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