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Tennessee College of Applied Technology looking to meet work force needs with trucking program


Stores all across the country are experienced supply shortages due to a lack of truck drivers

One Tennessee school is doing all they can to try and meet the workforce needs with their truck driving program.

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology offers a 37-day program to teach students over twenty-one how to drive a semi-truck.

“There are currently over sixty-thousand open jobs in the united states, that number is estimated to be two-hundred-thousand by twenty-twenty-five…average income coming out of our program and nationwide coming out of program is fifty-thousand dollars your first year. Find me another career that you can go to school for four and a half weeks or so and come out and make fifty-thousand dollars,” John Hodgson.

Students must take a written test to receive their CDL permit before they can enroll in the program at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.

The program costs less than two thousand dollars and many students are eligible to receive financial aid.

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