Tennessee Barbers and Cosmetologist Now Required to Take Domestic Violence Training

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Stylist and barbers wear many hats. Sometimes one of these hats is your therapist. Now Tennessee is requiring all cosmetologist take a training in domestic violence to ensure they are prepared to take on this role. As of January 1, every barber and cosmetologist in Tennessee are required to go through a free one-hour training course to help spot the signs of domestic violence. Owner of Gemini Cuts & Styles Ray Carney and stylist Latisa Dixon at T & Company House of Hair agreed domestic violence victims are not something they see often. Sho’mon “Ray” Carney (GEMINI’S CUTS & STYLES OWNER) stated, “I’ve never personally delt with someone that came in and was open and honest to talk about that. And that not to say it doesn’t happen, but most of the time it’s not talked about.” While Latisa Dixon (T & COMPANY HOUSE OF HAIR STYLIST) explained, “I have had clients that have experienced that and dealt with those types of issues, but I wouldn’t say that it was very often.”

In the past most salons did not have any procedures for dealing with these victims. Advice was the guidance offered. Latisa Dixon (T & COMPANY HOUSE OF HAIR STYLIST) told 39 news, “If they are dealing with domestic violence, I would always try my best to advise them to get out of those situations, because no one deserves that.”

The training the state is now offering will only be one hour. While the training claims to help identify the signs of domestic violence some question how useful a one-hour training could truly be. Sho’mon “Ray” Carney (GEMINI’S CUTS & STYLES OWNER) expressed his feelings stating, “I don’t really believe one hour of training will really make a difference. I think it would be more beneficial if they would go more in depth, but it’s no way possible that one hour will make a difference in someone’s life if they are really dealing with that type of issue.”

While barbers and stylists often carry the baggage of their clients, we’re left with the question how do they manage their own emotional trauma. Both Latisa and Ray shared mental breaks is their relief. Latisa Dixon (T & COMPANY HOUSE OF HAIR STYLIST) stated, “sometimes I’ve had to take breaks from working. Like to take a mental break. Just to step back and get myself prepared to work with people, because getting your hair done especially in this community is a therapeutic thing.” While Sho’mon “Ray” Carney (GEMINI’S CUTS & STYLES OWNER) explained, “Selfcare. You know it helps a lot. Some people get massages or manicure and pedicures. One thing that’s work for me is I’m a lover of music.”

If anyone is dealing with domestic violence in the Madison County area wrap has a 24-hour hotline service that can be reached at the number on the screen. (800) 273-8712)

Makayla Davis


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