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Tennesseans have seen gas prices go up over a quarter in the last week


The Russian invasion of Ukraine is started to have an affect here at home, especially at the gas stations. rising gas prices are putting a strain on drivers the average price for a gallon of gas in Tennessee has gone up over a quarter in the last week. According to AAA

“How we go make it", said Monte Thomas. "You can't stop here and put $20 in. He didn't expect to go anywhere.”

“It is ridiculous. And you know I normally put supreme in mine. I got it bump down now to regular,” said Brandon Fouse.

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Tennessee is now $3.56.

In Jackson the average is just about $3.50.

But nationally it's about 20 cents more!

Some places in Jackson are charging $3.90, others much less!

The gas station that had the cheapest gas I could find in the city (Dodges) had long lines of cars waiting to fil up.

Drivers say they are being more conscious of where they go now that gas prices are so high

“I go where I got to go and I go back home. There’s no ride, you can't afford to,” said Thomas.

“I'm trying to save where go. But you got kids and errands and practices, da da da da you can’t so you pretty much just have to add it in," said Fouse.

Monte Thomas is hoping to see some relieve from the government, “I’m hoping they come up with something to fix this, this is ridiculous.”

Many drivers are filling up now before the price of gas goes up again.

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