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JACKSON, Tn.- TikTok maybe on the clock because time might be running out for some students who use the popular app TikTok!

Tennessee lawmakers are considering banning TikTok on public university campuses.

The idea is not sitting so well with some college students.

“Tik Tok is honestly help me with picking up different resources that's been going on, especially me being in nursing school is definitely been a great resource for tips like learning from other people.

so, I feel as if it would be a valuable resource to anybody that uses it wisely.”

Students also say that they use the app to form relationships and build a community within their major

“I would type in different study techniques. oh, i would look at ‘simple nursing. he has a tik tok page, or just kind of bond with other nursing students for other universities and figure out different ways how they study that i can also study that way so we can all pass.”

Student Courtney Perkins adds the pressures of college can be tough.

“As an upcoming college student, I believe that tick tock should not be banned because it's a stress reliever in some ways it is educational because you can do different research from it, and then it also helps just take your mind off things. If you ever just want to sit down, you can get on TikTok.

Almost 40% of Tik Tok users are between the age of 18 and 24 and many of them are college students. No word yet on when Tennessee lawmakers might vote on the Tik Tok ban.

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