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Teens Suspected of Vandalism In Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn.- One Jackson neighborhood is almost in a panic after more than a dozen incidents of car vandalism! Kahara Mercer is one of the victims who had a brick thrown at her car.

And at the church on the left we saw two young boys standing there and as we passed them; they just threw a brick at the windshield.”

After making a post on a community Facebook group, Mercer found out that the attacks date all the way back to November!

So, after I made several posts on Facebook about what had happened because it shattered my whole windshield at least 20 people came forward and said that it happened to them at the same spot.. dating back to November.”

Neighbor Fatima Purdy also shares her story.

“I noticed it was two people standing off to my side of the road and they had their backs turned towards the woods and when I was passing them, they turned around real quick and threw something at my car.”

Purdy feared the worst when her car was hit.

“I was so scared of getting hit by the rock I was adjusting to shock."

Not only was Purdy shocked but she tells us her two children in the car were really shaken up.

One neighbor shared this ring camera video with 39 News that she says shows the vandals running from a car.

So far, no arrests have been made for the car vandalism in Jackson.

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