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Teachers respond with they are 'thankful' after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

Educators recently moved up on the COVID-19 vaccine list in Tennessee. Teachers and staff in the Jackson Madison County School System are getting those vaccines today.

The Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department gave around 600 COVID-19 vaccine shots to educators within JMCSS.

Some told me how they felt.

“I was thankful," says Helen Brooks, attendance secretary at Northside High School.

Tony Brown, assistant principal at Northside says, “I feel comfortable.”

“Relieved, it takes a weight off. It’s going to make it easier going back into the classroom everyday. Because there are somedays I think is this what I need to be doing. Is this what is best for my family," says Elizabeth Pickens, 2nd grade teacher at Denmark Elementary.

The room at the Health Department was filled with proud teachers knowing they could now comfortably go in the classroom and teach their students.

“It’s the confidence knowing that we can actually come to work and feel comfortable serving our students and not having to worry," adds Brown.

And not worry about going home to family and possibly bringing the virus with them.

“It’s part personal, part school. I want to protect the kids that I teach. I want to protect my family and I know that anytime I could unknowingly take it either direction. So, it was really important for me to take this one more step to protect everybody," says Pickens.

The Health Department will continue giving vaccines to educators in Madison County next week.

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