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Tax extension deadline is October 15

JACKSON, (WNBJ) - The tax extension deadline is quickly approaching for people who requested extra time to file their 2020 taxes.

The deadline is October 15 and if you haven’t filed yet you could be missing out on money, like a tax refund, stimulus checks, or child tax credit payments.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is encouraging those who filed for an extension to file before the deadline to avoid penalties.

“So, there are several things to keep in mind, you have to file their tax returns federal and state and pay your taxes. Each of those carries a very substantial penalty. The failure to file penalty can be upwards of 25 percent of any taxes due and failure to pay is equal to a tax penalty if you haven’t paid your taxes,” said Mark Steber, the Chief Tax Information Officer with Jackson Hewitt.

Jackson Hewitt also says they know how confusing filing your taxes can be so they urged the public to seek professional help when filing their taxes.

Again, the tax extension deadline is October 15.

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