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Superbowl gatherings could Increase COVID-19 cases

As the 2021 Superbowl approaches COVID cases could increase as people are likely to hosts gatherings or parties.

This past holiday season, the state saw a significant increase in covid related hospitalizations. as cases have decreased in Jackson, health officials are hopeful they can keep it that way.

“Most people consider the super bowl as a holiday, there is the potential there to spread covid if you’re not following all of the guidelines such as social distancing,” said Amy Garner Chief Compliance Officer for WTH.

At the Superbowl, attendees are asked to wear a mask and refrain from yelling or screaming to reduce the spread of germs. however, some may not follow those protocols at private gatherings.

“It’s very difficult on holidays like the Superbowl because people are generally eating and drinking and yelling and having a good time,” said Garner.

And with local temperatures being cooler this weekend with a chance of rain, many will gather indoors which could increase the spread of the virus.

“I would encourage people to have small gatherings,” said Garner.

Garner also encourages people to spread out or separate.

“I would encourage people to try to spread out. So if you’ve got a television in different rooms, maybe you can have people in different locations.”

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