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Summer Road Trip Car Safety

JACKSON, Tn.- The summer can be a fun time for family and friends! trips to beaches and lakes are at the top of the list for many people! but long trips require dependable cars to keep you and your loved ones safe. Thanks to some automotive specialists in Jackson, we are able to provide some tips and tricks to keep your car running smooth this summer.

“You want to make sure that you're doing your general maintenance or changes making sure your coolant stopped off your other fluids, checking your tire tray and making sure that your tires are safe for the road,” said Zach Johnson of Jackson Auto Shop

On those hot summer days, one of the first things we think to do is turn on the air in our cars. but auto mechanic Zach Johnson warns against this.

When you crank your vehicle, you can crack the windows, let that super-hot air out then put your AC on. That way your ac system isn't working as hard. It doesn't put as much stress on the system.”

Johnny Reagan of Reagan's Muffler and Service explains that routine maintenance is key.

“Well, they need to just keep it cool and everything. Keep it clean and keep it flowing good, and you know, anything, to keep your vehicle up to par you need to do.”

All in all, pay attention to the small things that keep your car going. tires, windshields, cooling and heating systems, and car fluids. These are all things that will keep you riding into the sunset. Stay safe this summer Tennessee.

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