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Summer is over for Madison County Students who began school today



Summers over for students in Madison County! School started back today and teachers and administrators are looking to send the students home a little bit better every day

“Our first and most important goal is to protect and then educate. So we're going to protect our students. We're going to make sure that they are fed. We're going to make sure that they are loved….and then we're going to educate them …and then we're going to send them back to their parents a little better than they sent them to us on the first day of school," said Rose Hill Principal Dr. Tiffany Green.

Principle Green is glad to see students returning to Rose Hill, “Oh, my goodness. I am so excited about starting school. We had a great, great opening morning. … and so we are just excited about this very first day of school.”

The transition from break back into the class room can be difficult for students.

Jared Heldenbrand wants to make it as easy as possible for his students, “There still are going to be in summer brain. You know, I've got to get out of summer brain, too. So i think just ease them in with something fun, you know, I don't want to hit them hard and heavy with, you know, intense singing on day one. But we're going to do something that's a little easier, that's going to make it positive and just bridge us into what's going to become a little more difficult later.”

Heldenbrand teaches chorus at Rose Hill and believes the arts is an important part of education “It really is a special part of their day. There's a lot of students that in their arts activity, that's where they really connect with the teacher. It's where they get to express themselves in a way that's just not math or science”

Educators in Madison County say they are dedicated to teaching their students to the best of their ability

“We all want the very best for our students,"' said Dr.Green, "And we're just going to give them our all 100% every day this year."

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