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"Summer Celebration" held in person for the first time in three years


The West Tennessee AG Research and Education Center held the 32 annual "Summer Celebration".

This is the first time the event has been in person in three years.

“We're expecting a big upswing. We're expecting more hobbyists here. We're expecting a lot of people who might have just gotten into horticulture, just gotten into getting their yard looking, pretty houseplants, things like that," said UT Institute of Agriculture Marketing Specialist.

The event brings in 1000- 3000 people for the plant sale, vendors, lectures and education.

Dorothy Briggs traveled nearly 3 hrs with a group, “We all just love gardening and the nature of coming down today on the bus. I think it was 32 that chartered the bus and came down from Robertson county and it's just been really fun.”

The "Summer Celebration" is all about the "Power of Plants.”

Ewoldt said,"The power of plants that came from our time during the pandemic and the power that plants had to bring a little joy to our lives to give us a little bit of peace… whether it's a plant that you eat, a plant that you grow to make you feel better, just getting out in the garden, getting a little sweaty, playing in dirt”

One of the most popular parts of the annual event is the plant sale, “I've picked out some new plants," said Briggs, "I've never seen before. There are antique plants that go back into the 1800s over there, all that table. I don't know what the name of it is, but I'm looking forward to plant it.”'

The "Summer Celebration" is scheduled for the second week of July next year.

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