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Stun gun training session held at the West TN Regional Training Center

DENMARK, TN (WNBJ) - The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a stun gun training today in Denmark.

National stun gun manufacturer Phazzer held its training session at the West Tennessee Regional Training Center in Denmark educating attendees on how to use this non-legal weapon.

The training session was an opportunity to demonstrate the difference between the Phazzer and other taser weapons used in law enforcement and other agencies.

The instructor of the class explains what makes the Phazzer weapon different from other opinions.

“What makes it unique is the patent safety circuit that is built into this weapon, and it primarily prevents over-exposure to the human body," said Steven Abboud, a Phazzer instructor.

Abboud goes on to say why more law enforcement agencies should consider non-lethal weapon options like Phazzer.

“For the community, for the taxpayer, and for the departmental budgets, the liability issues that exist. You take a life, and it is a wrongful death lawsuit. A hundred and eighty-three million dollars has been spent on wrongful death lawsuits in relation to laser deaths. It is a lot of taxpayer dollars being spent,” said Abboud.

One of the attendees traveled all the way from Boston and has been a firearm, pepper spray defense tactics instructor with his company called Safety Academy U.S.A.

“I was very excited to come to this class. I love being taught about the product. I flew down last night and here I am today looking forward to getting my certs back up to speed. Then, going back next week and start telling the guys we are back in business with Phazzer. When you want to schedule some classes,” said Michael Pelonzi, a training attendee.

The instructor did a live demo firing the Phazzer on one investigator from the Humboldt Police Department.

“This is the second-worst pain, but it’s only five seconds. Once the five seconds are over the pain is over. Usually, on the street most of the time the suspect will comply because he doesn’t want to do it again after that five-second,” said Jonathan Wilson, an investigator with Humboldt Police Department.

Phazzer says more than 300 police departments nationwide use their defensive products and have been operating for nearly a decade with zero fatalities.

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