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Students struggle to learn during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nationwide reports show students are struggling academically during the covid-19 pandemic. After the introduction of virtual learning, local schools are seeing a decline in academic performance.

“With our testing, what we’ve seen is a slight decline in academic performance,” said Eddie Pruett.

According to Pruett, the director of schools for Gibson county, students are still adjusting. Some are having technical difficulties, while others miss being in the traditional classroom.

“Some had problems with technology; some just needed that teacher there to help them understand.

Pruett says the age group that struggles the most are elementary school students.

“Primarily, what we are seeing are drops in our early grades math,” said Pruett.

Experts say students thrive in an in-person environment, especially while learning math.

Over in Trenton Special School District, Peabody high school’s assistant principal Shane Jacobs says students are handling virtual learning well.

“I think our students have handled this situation that they’re in extremely well. we are very proud of our student body.”

The students are under the hybrid model, and compared to the previous year, Shane Jacobs describes the academic performance as normal.

“Our attendance rates have been normal compared to years past. Academic work is as good as it’s been in the past,” said Jacobs.

Pruett is hopeful that student performances will improve as this learning way is expected to continue into next year.

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