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Students clean up and drop calories for the Great American Clean Up

Students at Chester County High School took their class time to give back to their community. They picked up some litter and while they were at it they also burned a few calories.

Agriculture students took a bus to the Chester County Solid Waste Department.

But for more than what they expected.

“Oh, I am excited that song, that was great," says senior, Hayle' Bates.

They warmed up and headed out to help clean up the roads and possibility burn a few calories.

Keep Tennessee Beautiful recently launched "trashercise" to show Tennesseans that picking up litter is beneficial in more than one way.

“This event is a trashercise event, so it’s a get healthy and fit then go pick up trash," says director of Keep Chester County Beautiful, Amber Greene.

The students work with agriculture everyday in class, so they know first hand how litter can affect so much.

“If there is litter just sitting on the road, that is just ruining the soil that we are able to use," adds Bates.

Also senior, Jocelyn Gentry, says this was a good opportunity “it’s not like a regular school setting and not a lot of kids get to go out and do and experience stuff like this. I also think it’s a good teaching experience.”

After speaking with some of the students, they said they hope they can give some of the knowledge they learned today to their parents and their younger siblings.

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