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Student-operated nonprofit organizes clothing giveaway in Chester Co.

HENDERSON, TN (WNBJ) - Some college kids in Chester County are lending a helping hand to their community.

A student ran nonprofit at Freed Hardeman University in Henderson is pitching in to help those in need. They are collecting items for those who may need clothing for the cold weather.

“I grew up knowing if you’re neighbor needs something, you help them in the best way you can,” said Alex Key, the Secretary for the nonprofit, And You Clothed Me.

The nonprofit And You Clothed Me at Freed Hardeman is an organization that collects and distributes clothes to the needy in Chester County and nearby areas.

“This is a problem that we as Americans face, is this epidemic of lower-income people not being able to have everything they need so they have to choose between do I get food this month, do I get new clothes or do I pay the bills. That’s a sad reality that we live in,” said Key.

The president and founder of And You Clothed Me explains the meaning behind the name of the organization.

“It comes from a Bible verse in John, where it talks about true Christianity. It is about serving the people around you and that’s how people know you’re a Christian because you genuinely care about other people and how Jesus is going to look at us one day and say I know you loved me because you clothed me,” said Casey Jackson, the Founder/President of And You Clothed Me.

The nonprofit And You Clothed Me will be hosting a clothing giveaway event, where they will be hanging out coats, long sleeve shirts, shoes, and much more this Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Henderson Church of Christ in Henderson.

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