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Strawberry season is here and people are flocking to get fresh locally-grown berries!


Strawberry season is back here in West Tennessee and people have been flocking to buy fresh local berries.

“It's always exciting time for the community for everybody to come out and then get some freshly picked strawberries because strawberries like this is nothing you're going to get in Walmart, Kroger or anything like that. I mean, it's a completely different type of berry," said Walker Parkins of Green Achers Farm.

A steady stream of customers have been showing up excited to Green Achers Farm in Milan to get these fresh, locally grown berries. Today they sold out in just a few hours!

“It is awesome. I mean, we take pride in what we do. It's a lot of labor-intensive work. And, you know, there's just not many people who do anything like this at all anymore," said Parkins.

Doing what Walker Parkins and Green Achers do isn't easy; the frost the last two nights and cold weather throughout this year are the latest challenges.

“Because of the cooler weather, the front end is really a low production. But hopefully, whenever the heat source comes in, that's whenever production starts to rise and we'll be able to push out a lot of berries,” Parkins says.

Parkins believes that their strawberries are unmatched, “When you bite into our, you might want to step away from your shirt because you're going to have juice coming out. I mean, it's just a totally different berry," he said.

If you’d like more information on Green Achers Farm's strawberries, you can check out their Facebook page!

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