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Strawberry Festival Humboldt App

Humboldt, TN. (WNBJ)-

The festivities continue here in Humboldt at the Strawberry Festival. Staying up to date with events has been made easy this year with the new Strawberry Festival Humboldt App.

Thousands of visitor’s flock to Humboldt during the week of the Strawberry Festival. Many of which want to know exact times, dates, and locations for these events. Harvey and friends partnered with event coordinators this year to make this process a little easier. Harvey Boyd (Harvey and Friends Owner) stated, “it’s always a challenge when you have a town of say 10,000 people and it swells to say, 80,000. That means there are 70,000 people who are pouring into the city, and you have to wonder, you know, how am they going to get the information out to them.”

In past years, the city has printed flyers, magazines, and pamphlets to help guide tourists through the week of events, but our society is quickly turning digital and Harvey Boyd say’s an app is the quickest way for people to access event specifics. Harvey Boyd (Harvey and Friends Owner) explained, “it allows people who are you know 30 or 40 miles away to instantly download the app information and they’re like oh wow there’s a barbeque contest. I didn’t know that.”

Residents are impressed by the convenience of the app. We asked Humboldt resident Lisa Lewis how helpful the app has been and she stated, “a whole lot. Cause that’s what i do, i go online, cause a lot of stuff is on apps.”

The app can be located on any mobile device in your app store.

Makayla Davis

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