State rolls out new COVID-19 vaccination plan, moves groups up on list

Over half a million Tennesseans received their COVID-19 vaccine, 6,343 of those people are right here in Madison county.

But that number is expected to rise as the updated vaccination plan moved groups up.

“They added some transportation officers for DCS, frontline correctional workers in residential juvenile facilities for delinquent use. That was one of the biggest changes they moved back to the 1a1," says director of the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department, Kim Tedford.

Now the state is still in phase 1a of the vaccination plan, but some counties moved a little faster and were already in phase 2b like Madison county.

Now health officials are faced with the challenge of going back to previous phases to abide by the updated plan.

“But you got to keep up with the first doses and what you got coming in for the second doses. When you open a vile you have be able to vaccinate 'X' number of people, depending on the vaccine you receive. So, it makes it really hard logistically to go back and catch those up," adds Tedford.

The local health department is only receiving a tray of the vaccine each week. Which is about 975 doses.

State officials and legislators say they are hoping for more as President Biden recently called for more people to be vaccinated a day.

“They are trying their very best to get more of the vaccine into the state of Tennessee, they order every Tuesday night. They were hoping to get more last week, that didn’t happen. But this week they expect to have a little bit more," says District 27 Senator Ed Jackson.

In a media briefing Tedford said the more vaccines they receive the better their appointment system will help get more people vaccinated in Jackson and Madison county.

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