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State legislators present proclamation to Carl Perkins Center

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - Today, state legislators presented a House Joint Resolution to the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse on their 40th anniversary. 39 News spoke to the representatives about the importance of recognizing their work in west Tennessee.

“This is our way of shining a light on this organization and what they do in west Tennessee and the so many children they touch,” said Rep. Chris Todd, the State Representative of House District 73.

Representative Chris Todd and Representative Ron Gant presented a proclamation to the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse for their work in west Tennessee.

Representative Ron Gant explains what the proclamation means.

“This is just an official proclamation that we did to honor the work that the Carl Perkins centers here in west Tennessee do to combat child abuse,” said Rep. Ron Gant, the Assistant Majority Leader in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

The director of Fayette County Carl Perkins Center talks about some of the services the nonprofits provides to those in need.

“So, we bring law enforcement and DCS to our centers for forensic interviews. We have highly trained interviewers to record the recount of the story of abuse that happened to the child. From there we have victim advocacy services. We do trauma-focused therapy. We literary walk with the family through the entire process," said Haley Duffey, the Director of the Carl Perkins Center in Fayette County.

The director in Fayette County says their work is sometimes challenging but is essential and rewarding in the end.

“I can honestly say it’s been life-changing and eye-opening to be a part of it. It’s hard a lot of days, but it is a beautiful thing to watch children heal, grow, become whole again, and to help those families,” said Duffey.

If you are in need of assistance with a child abuse situation, please contact the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse at 731.668.4000.

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