State and local departments warn Tennesseans of COVID Vaccine Scams

k the state and local health departments took to social media warning Tennesseans about vaccination scams. as of now the vaccine is available to healthcare workers and seniors who are 75 years or older. While the rest of the world waits for their turn, there may be some scammers giving out information that is too good to be true.

“We just want people to be aware that there are scammers out there, there are people who will try and take advantage of others,” said Mallory Cooke, PIO for the Madison County Health Department.

As this vaccine is being distributed, there are a few things people should look out for and most of them involve money.

“You do not have to pay out of pocket for this vaccine. This is a free vaccine,” said Cooke.

Law officials say some of the most common strategies being used are text messages. A resident could receive a text saying they can pay to get on a waiting list or being asked to donate to areas that are highly affected by the disease.

“Do not pay money to get on a priority list,” said Cooke.

In Madison County residents can put their names on a rapid response list and it will not cost them.

“That rapid response list is used if we for some reason have extra doses at the end of the day that has to be used at a certain time before they expire, we call people that are on that list.”

And if someone shows up at your door with information about the vaccine, that is a scam.

“We are not going door to door to vaccinate people. just know that is not the health department and that is a scam,” said Cooke.

Senior citizens are at risk of being targeted by these scammers, however, this can affect anyone. For anyone who experiences any fraudulent activities, you’re asked to call the local authorities and the health department.

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