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Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton visits the Jackson Rotary Club


Cameron Sexton (R), the Speaker of the House for Tennessee, spoke at the Jackson Rotary Club today.

He said as Tennesseans we all basically want the same things, “We want good roads. We want to feel safe. We want to be able to make money and have jobs that are available. We want to make sure our kids are educated. We want to make sure that we're successful. And then we also want to make sure that we have our freedom to make decisions for ourselves and so I think that's what the bulk of Tennesseans are wanting.”

Speaker Sexton says they are working on what he calls “the basics."

What are those basics? “Education. K-through-12 education, public safety. Making sure that people feel safe in our community infrastructure, water, sewer, roads, broadband. Those are important 20 years from now," he said.

Sexton said Tennessee is leading the nation economically because they “removed the restraints that were on businesses," he said.

But they aren’t settling- they are looking to improve education, violent crime rates and infrastructure.

“Getting people help before they become adult violent offenders or juvenile violent offenders…i think that's vitally important for the public to feel like that they live in a safe state or a safe community. And then i think you'll see us focus on education and continue to invest," Speaker Sexton said.

During his visit, we asked Sexton about former president Trumps re-election bid, "we'll see who all gets in the race. You know, it's a little early. I think him getting in the race and i don't think anybody thought he wouldn't. And so we'll see who else gets in. You know, I think policy and messaging, almost all the candidates agree. Republicans that have talked about running agree on messaging. The main differences is how they deliver that message. And i think that's what the primary will decide," said Sexton.

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