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JACKSON, Tn.-Being undefeated for an entire season and winning a state championship title… definitely causes for a celebration. Southside High School and the Jackson community came out to acknowledge all the accomplishments made by the Lady Hawks this season. During the southside community celebration, the Lady Hawks were presented with the golden ball! Players also signed autographs and took pictures with fans.

“I've been a fan of them since they were in junior high school because most of them that were in junior high came over to Southside. So, I've been with them since the sixth grade all the way to the 12th. It's been so exciting,” says Peewee Williamson-Easley

Head coach Brent Mcneal is grateful the community helped him relive the big moment all over again.

“It feels good. you know, it was kind of messed up because we had to wait a whole week because of having spring break. But, you know, still three weeks later, it still feels this right here and gives it a whole new feeling all over again.”

This Lady Hawks sophomore Jaidynn Askins is looking forward to continuing the championship tradition.

“For the next season, I want us to be back at state, winning the state championship game again, and I know that's going to take a lot of work. So, I'm trying to prepare myself for the leadership, for the leader that I need to be to help us (inaudible), help us get there.”

The Lady Hawks finished the season 36-0. They had the second highest scoring girls' game in state tournament history and the most points scored by a pair of teams since March 15th, 1990. Congratulations Lady Hawks!

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