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South Gibson County Middle School celebrates World Down Syndrome Day


Today is World Down Syndrome Day and Students at South Gibson Middle School and people all across the world rocked bright and mismatched socks to celebrate the day!

“Chromosomes actually look like fun, crazy socks. So we wear mismatched socks just to raise awareness and get the kids involved and more aware of what Down Syndrome is and the students that we have and just make them feel special," Special Education Teacher Molly Anderson said.

Anderson and the students at South Gibson do their best to make their special needs students feel special every day through the Best Buddies Program.

“Best Buddies is a nonprofit organization that matches up here with a person with disabilities and a one-on-one relationship and that matches them so they can interact in school and out of school," 8th Grader Best Buddy Jacob Bateman said.

But today is all about Carson and Eli- two students with Down Syndrome


“I feel like with this, like they get more, people notice them more and I love that," said 8th grader Best Buddy Allie Grace Lucky.

7th Grader Best Buddy Bella Jewel added, “It's very good to include everybody and it just gives them a day for them."

“They just need to know that they're not ever alone," 8th Grader Best Buddy Jade Reed said.

“Know that they have friends with them all the time at school," Bateman added.

“And that we're always around them and that we always care about them," 8th Grader Best Buddy Anna Laur Bell

And Carson and Eli feel the love from their friends at school, “I love her because she’s my favorite person and Best Buddies," Carson Williams said about Bella Jewel.

Best Buddies spent the week selling socks and gourmet treats to raise money for the West Tennessee Down Syndrome Association.

“We've actually probably sold about $800 worth of product…and then we're donating all that money to the down syndrome association of west tennessee. That is something we have in west tennessee and we're grateful for it because they just put together stuff for people with down's syndrome to get together and do fun things outside of school and just in their community," Anderson said.

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