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Some Madison County residents may have received false information about voter registration

Early voting continues into the second day of residents being able to make their voices heard before November. Earlier, I checked in with Kim Buckley, the election administrator, to see what some experienced before coming to the polls.

“I get the impression that voters comment that they hear things that are not necessarily true,”

Said Buckley.

It is possible locals received false information about voter registration through doorknob hangers.

“For instance, I think there were door hangers put on doorknobs around in neighborhoods saying that if you hadn’t voted since the last presidential election, that you were not registered anymore and that is not true,” said Buckley.

She adds they were able to educate locals, making sure they were correctly informed.

“But I think people are just fine, and we were able to reassure alot of voters. That was about two weeks ago.”

So far in madison county, nearly 2,000 people have voted, and Buckley says the lines are longer than usual. One of those voters shared her experience.

Carmen Hudson, 20, voted for the first time and says she feels like she made a change.

“I feel really good. I feel like I just made a change,” she said.

So far, over 15 million Americans, have voted in the 2020 presidential election.

“I did speak with other voters who said that even though the lines are longer than usual, they only had to wait about 20 minutes before casting a ballot. The polls open at nine and close at 4. Those in line, though at 4 o’clock, will still get a chance to cast a vote.

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