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Social media hackers are scamming social users out of thousands

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Having your social accounts password protected or even private is not enough to stop social media hackers from gaining access to your account. As the world slowly transitions to a more virtual setting social media hackings have become more common. Marian Gurley (Jackson Resident) stated, “recently on my social media page through messenger I’ve been getting a lot of texts saying this is a quick way to make money and they’ve been disguising themselves as my regular Facebook friend.”

These hackers usually takeover accounts of an everyday social media users. Shortly after gaining access to their target’s account, they begin messaging their social media friends with a money scheme. Mahkia Serrano (Jackson Resident) informed us, “or the one where they’re like you know this house is for sell for rent, then you send in your application fee and they just take your money.”

Jackson resident Marian say’s hackers will ask for money to be sent through a digital banking app like cashapp to protect their own identity while scamming their victims. Marian Gurley (Jackson Resident) explained, “I know a lot of people who have to change their cashapp address because of this.”

Social media influencer Keely Morrow has grown a following of over 11,000 on Instagram. She shared with us the importance of her social sites for her brand. Keely Morrow (Social Media Influencer) stated, “I think for influencers in general and creators its art. It’s your content and when someone tries to take that or interfere with that, that really messes with some people’s income.”

Morrow told me there’s a couple ways to protect your account. Social sites like Instagram allow you check emails sent from the site and login activity in settings. These sites also have a 2-factor authentication method that will send you a security code anytime someone tries to log in your account. Keely Morrow (Social Media Influencer) told 39 news, “it allows you to put your email and your phone number in. Anytime anyone tries to login you get a text message, you have to submit a code and it also sends you an email with a code to make sure that it’s actually you.”

Morrow say’s it’s important for all social media users to protect their accounts and know the signs of a hacked social media page.

Makayla Davis

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