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Social Media Crash Leaves Residents in a Frenzy

Jackson, TN.

Social media users were frantic yesterday when access to some of their favorite social media outlets were down.

Madison County resident told 39 News he usually checks his social media every morning to begin his day. This morning he was met with… (Louis Amirauld) “Internet connection down. Which I knew it wasn’t.”

While this incident did alarm him, he was actually grateful for the break. Louis Amirauld stated, “To tell you the truth I felt actually relieved. Alright- that you didn’t have to look at a bunch of the nonsense that’s on social media right now. It sort of gives me a break to do other things.”

In many cases social media has become a lifeline. Some people have even started businesses, which they rely on social platforms to promote and publicize their work. Ladejah Pirtle informed us, “I do a lot more than just scroll down my timeline. I communicate, i do business off of Facebook with it being down, it kind of shuts a lot of that down for me.”

Though this crash was alarming for many, some did not notice the lack of access. Dale Damon stated, “To be honest I was at work for most of the day, so I didn’t get to see- I think it was Instagram Facebook and What’s App that were crashing. So, I guess it didn’t affect me a whole lot. I do use that on the daily, so I guess if it would have happened in about 2 more hours I would have noticed.”

Why the crash happened has yet to be determined, but many are wondering whether a break from these social platforms was actually a blessing in disguise. Rachel Guyer claimed, “I guess it depends on how long it’s down, I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. I just think it’s an interesting thing. So, I guess we’ll see what happens.”

Users spent the better part of 6 hours yesterday without access to these platforms but around 5:30 pm sources are saying the sights were back up and running.

Makayla Davis

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