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Smart Lights could make decorating your home for the holidays easier

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - With the holidays quickly approaching many are setting up decorations for your home.

Setting up lights may be one of the most difficult things when it comes to decorating and installing smart lights can be an easy solution.

Pocket Geek Home is a company that specializes in smart tech within the home and they can help consumers set up smart lights.

They explain the benefits of Smart Lights.

“So instead of going and unplugging your lights every day at 1 a.m. You can actually get the Smart Lights to turn off at 1 a.m. So that is four or five hours that are saved. Given everything that is going on with sustainability especially with an Assurant and their initiatives around sustainability. This is a great product if you are interested in reducing environmental damage and if you are interested in saving on your electric bill,” said John Morin, the Product Owner at Pocket Geek Home.

Smart Lights can be controlled with your Google Home or Alexa device.

If you need help setting up your Smart Lights, please visit the Pocket Geek website.

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