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Senior citizens excited for social security increase

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Yesterday we talked to working class citizens to see how this increase in social security will impact them. Today we stopped by Humboldt senior activity center and for them this is a break shot.

The increase will help many seniors who rely on social security benefits as their main source of income. We asked the residents…. How does it feel knowing they are about to increase those benefits? Jeanette Russell (senior citizen) told stated, “Yayy, I need that extra money because on social security you’re on a fixed income. You can only do some much. Me, myself, if you got a house payment and a car payment one of them you cannot have.”

Many residents drawing social security fear that prices on benefits they receive like Medicare will increase as a result of the increase on social security. Jeanette Russell (senior citizen) told 39 News, “some medicine probably gone go up. Some medicine you on, they probably gone take it off. Or they gone switch it to something else, and it’s gone be more.”

For senior citizens to receive full benefits, they must be 66 years of age. The director for the Humboldt Senior Citizens Center is a couple years shy of reaching these benefits and works full-time at the center. This has stopped her from drawing social security. Archie Cox (Director at Humboldt Senior Citizens Center) emphasized, “I’ve tried, I went in and filled out at 62. The benefit rate was so low, and I wouldn’t have had any insurance. To work full time, for any dollar I make, they would have taken 2.”

Residents yesterday feared for a depletion of social security by the year 2032. These seniors have hope there is a plan in place to secure social security for future generations. Mattie Hall (senior citizen) explained, “I’m hoping they have some type of plan, I’m not for sure. But I’m hoping they have a plan.”

Cox wants to encourage younger generations who may not reach eligibility of social security by 2032 to…

Archie Cox (Director at Humboldt Senior Citizens Center) stated, “plan. Everything is planning now. You can’t wait till the last minute in these days and time and say, like I’m gonna get it done, I’m gonna get it done. You have to start now.”

Makayla Davis

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