Security experts urge the public to increase online security during Cybersecurity Awareness Month

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - During the pandemic, many increased their activity online whether it was online shopping or being more active on social media. This activity possibly leaving users at risk of being the victims of cybercrimes.

With October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, many experts urge the public to protect their accounts and all online information.

“Across all these accounts you are opening up because of the pandemic or just because you are going to this new store, and they want you to download an account and put in all your personal information. It is really lucrative for cybercriminals, and they are increasing their tactics,” said Kaylin Trychon, a Cybersecurity Expert with Google.

Trychon, a cyber-security expert with Google says this is the best time to ramp up your online security systems.

“Take a look at it and one of the best ways to do that is Google Security Check-up. It is probably one of my favorite security tools because it is so easy to use. You simply go to, and you are at a one-stop shop for everything security,” said Trychon.

Google says this security feature is free and alerts users of possible security breaches.

Nexus Tech Solutions is a local tech company in the hub city that advises small to medium-sized businesses, specializing in security, firewall, anti-virus, and system management.

Nexus says businesses should be hypervigilant when it comes to online security and educate employees.

“With businesses, you have to have a combination of the two cyber and internal. One of the best practices is education. Letting your employees know what not to click on and what not do to in an email,” said John Gause, the President at Nexus Tech Solutions.

Gause says using firewalls and anti-virus software are other good forms of security protection.

He also says choosing a good quality password is critical as well.

“Passwords are important, don’t use your birthday, don’t use your children’s birthday, your social security. Make sure you are using a minimum of eight characters and alpha-numeric with a special character,” said Gause.

Experts say these tips on cybersecurity will help prevent data leaks.

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