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Scott Conger Wins Mayoral Runoff Election

JACKSON, Tenn. - That’s right, Jackson voted and is celebrating its mayor… Scott Conger.

The Madison County Election Commission reports candidate Ray Condray secured 41.8 percent of votes, while incumbent Mayor Scott Conger secured 58.2 percent.

As Conger was announced as mayor of Jackson once again, his supporters’ excitement filled the room.

Conger was cheered for as he gave his speech, thanking everyone and proudly saying “‘We the People’ means everyone”.

Tuesday, June 13th was a busy day for Jackson, as the city celebrated the ground opening of 6K Energy, and the 20th anniversary of Toyota Tennessee, just to name a couple of events in the city.

We asked Conger how the big day looked for him as he had a busy day prior to election night.

“It was a real good distraction going to the groundbreaking, the Toyota celebration, back to the 6K celebration, it gave a good distraction for most of the day, as it set up the polls for this afternoon, came home and got the family ready to be here this evening.”

When asked what he looks forward to in his second term as mayor, Conger tells us he is ready to pick up where he left off.

“We’ve been working on things, so we have strategic plans and master plans in the works, we’re going live in two weeks on a new core financial system, which will make our finance department reporting so much easier, we have infrastructure projects coming, we have two building projects that are in the process right now… actually three I’m sorry, three building projects going on, so we have a lot going on… there’s no day one starting July one, the work is continuing…”

Conger will officially be sworn in for his second term in July.

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