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Scarlet Rope Celebrates Opening of its New House with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

JACKSON, Tenn. - Scarlet Rope celebrates the opening of its new house, and what this means for its residents.

The faith based non-profit helps women who are survivors of human trafficking and prostitution.

“It’s common, it’s very common. It’s right next door, it’s in somebody’s backyard, there’s many different types of trafficking.”

Tori Hutchenson is a house manager and lead advocate for Scarlet Rope.

She knows human trafficking is more common than most people may think.

In her years of working with human trafficking victims, she knows it can happen anywhere.

Not just in foreign countries, or big cities, but even in Jackson and small towns.

“If you think it happens over in other countries, and that’s where the problem is, it’s here in America, it’s here in these little, small towns, not just the big cities, so just get educated.”

Hutchenson celebrates the new opportunities the new Scarlet Rope house brings to its residents but encourages the community to be educated about human trafficking.

She believes the more people get educated on how human trafficking happens, and how to recognize it, the more we can do to help spread awareness and help prevent it.

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