Safety tips to keep your children and pets safe during excessive heat warning


Jackson is under an excessive heat warning until 8 pm tonight which makes leaving your child or pet in the car for any amount of time a deadly risk.

The temperature inside a car, even with the windows cracked in weather like this, can reach upwards to 140 degrees in less than 15 minutes," said Whitney Owen the Director of Animal Services for the City of Jackson.

Temperatures are in the high 90’s this week but the real feel weather is 100 plus.

AAA spokesperson Megan Cooper said, "Particularly in our vehicles, some of our everyday activities could lead to deadly scenarios when the temperatures are so hot, particularly for young children and for some of our pets."

It is illegal to leave your child or pet in your car in temperatures like this, but many still think they can get away with it for a quick trip inside the grocery store.

"The temperature in vehicles can rise very quickly and can become, you know, a dangerous area. A lot quicker than what we think. So even if you think you are just making a quick pit stop or you're just going to run into a place for a short amount of time, you know, don't even consider leaving them in that vehicle," said Cooper.

When it comes to animals the car isn’t the only place they can suffer heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

"If there's no additional shade available in temperatures inside a dog house and one hundred degree weather can actually reach upwards of 150 degrees is obviously not a good option for protection for your pet," Whitney Owen explains what animals need to stay healthy in the heat, “they need shade exterior shade additional to the doghouse and a plenty of fresh water needs to be renewed every day so that it's not also a hundred degrees to help them keep their bodies cool.”

Megan and Whitney say to look out for others' children and pets If you see them unattended in a vehicle call law enforcement because you could save a life.

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