Safe Defend provides safety tips for families for Halloween

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - Halloween is quickly approaching and is usually a fun time for families.

Kids getting candy, costumes, and parties to attend all in the spooky spirit but one safety training agency wants to give the public safety tips for the holiday.

Safe Defend wants to encourage families to think ahead when planning for Halloween to ensure their kids’ safety.

“We encourage parents to make sure they focus on making sure their kids their children are illuminated from the back. You can go buy these little pieces of tape you can put on the back of their shoes on the heel of the shoe so they can glow in the dark and reflect light so that someone would see them running,” said Douglas Parisi, the Dir. of Training with Safe Defend.

Safe Defend also urges parents to make sure kids’ cell phones are fully charged and recommends kids wear tennis shoes to prevent slip and fall accidents.

39 News wishes everyone a fun and safe Halloween.

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