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Road to Re-Entry Tour

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

Eagles Nest, Free Hearts, and Phase II Re-Entry Training Camp are three Madison County non-profits bonded by their shared interest in restoring the rights of formally incarcerated residents. These programs aim to encompass all the services needed in the re-entry process. Dawn Arrington (Phase II Re-Entry Training Camp) stated, “Especially in rural parts of the state. That there may not be access to resources in the same way that they may be in an urban area. So, we wanted to go on the road and let people know in all parts of the state what resources were available.”

These non-profits brought together a dream team for their tour. From companies that provide shelter, insurance, leadership development and more. Each partner of this tour will ensure that the road to re-entry is a successful one. Andy Cole (West Tennessee Legal Services) informed us, “We were reached out to about coming and helping people who have been released from jails or prisons. So, whether that’s helping them with expungements or consumer issues. Debut relief housing or getting wills or power of attorney’s drafted.”

After leaving prison finding job opportunities can be a hassle. Client comprehensive resource services helps in the job and insures you in the process. Clarissa Williams (Client Comprehensive Resource Services) told 39 News, “Part of the part of re-entering is making sure you are protected financially as well. Especially in the time we are living in, people that we know they are leaving this earth. The best thing we can do for ourselves as well as our families is making sure we are protected.”

Staying protected also means having somewhere to safe to lay your head at night. Freewill shelter provides shelter for those who may not have a home to return to after leaving prison. They also provide services for drug and alcohol abuse. Cora Woolfork (Freewill Shelter) stated, “We have AA and NA meetings. Alcohol anonymous. It’s open to the public anybody can come in and take part in it.”

One of the non- profits that organized the tour free hearts believes that West Tennessee is in desperate need of resources that will aid formally incarcerated residents in re-entering society. Jeremy White (Free Hearts) informed us, “I’m a fellow with the free hearts organization. I’m formally incarcerated. I’ve been out nine months after doing twenty-two years in the Tennessee department of corrections. I went in when I was nineteen. I’m forty-one and I’ve been working with free hearts on freeing the vote and voter restoration.”

Makayla Davis

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