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Road crews prepare roads for ice storm ahead



Ahead of this afternoon’s freeze, street crews spent the day salting roads

The Jackson Street Department had two trucks out today salting areas that are extra dangerous when icy.

“Right now, what we're doing now is just basically pre-salt in the bridge is now we catch in all first responders exits and but basically we just kind of pre-salt," said Jackson Street Department Superintendent Johnny Weddle.

While the Jackson team focused on the city roads, the Tennessee Department of Transportation was out salting the state routes. They say they will continue to monitor the roads and prioritize the interstate.

Although the roads are salted, that doesn’t mean they are free of ice, Weddle said, “I think they still need to be a little extra careful driving because there's a thing they called black ice and now I'm looking for a lot of that in the shady areas.”

If you have to hit the roads today or tomorrow, Weddle says make sure to drive slow and be extra careful, “Give yourself enough time to leave the house to get to wherever your destination is… just stay cautious at all times. If you still don't have to be out in it, don't get out in it.”

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