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Road Conditions During Ice Storm

Jackson, TN. (WNBJ)-

The temperature is dropping, and the rain is coming down hard. Before hopping behind the wheel these next couple of days there might be a few things you should consider. The Tennessee Department of Transportation prepares in advance for snow and ice. Nichole Lawrence (TDOP Communications Relations Officer) stated, “weather it’s making sure our salt bens are full, the gas tanks are full. You know we do pre-fill up our salt trucks. We premix the salt grinds and get those tanks filled up.”

But on rainy days like today there is not snowplows can do to prevent the icy roads. Scott Conger (Jackson Mayor) informed us, “snowplows don’t work that well on ice. Ok, snowplows are for snow. Snowplows don’t dig up ice. With it raining prior to turning into freezing rain and ice you can’t presalt the roads, because then it washes away with the rain.”

The city does have plans to salt the roads when the rain passes. To avoid these areas that might be tricky to navigate tomorrow Nichole Lawrence Communications Officer with TDOT recommends visiting the website and viewing their smart way map to find the safest route to your destination. Nichole Lawrence (TDOP Communication Relations Officer) shared, “Once they get into our smart way app they can check the menu, and they can check for road conditions. They can check ways we have a partnership with ways. They can, if they’re in the Memphis area and they need to check out thing there we do have some cameras in the Memphis area.”

The roads are expected to get bad this evening and Mayor Conger is recommending...Scott Conger (Jackson Mayor) stated, “Grace, patience, drive carefully. Drive like there’s ice on the roads don’t drive like you expect it to be clear.” If you are out in these icy conditions these next couple days, please drive safe.

Makayla Davis

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