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Record number of Covid-19 cases confirmed in West Tennessee


Today the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health department confirmed nearly 1000 Covid cases, a record for any week since the start of the pandemic.

Kim Tedford is the director of the health department and she says there are several reasons why the case numbers are so high, "More people have gathered through the holidays…people aren’t wearing masks like they were at the beginning.”

But Tedford says the main reason is that the new variant is much more contagious, "The omicron variant, it’s very very transmissible even more so than delta.”

Tedford says one positive case can infect 5 to 8 people.

Today the health department confirmed 924 new cases of covid-19 since Wednesday, Dec. 29.

Tedford says that this update is a little behind and the actual numbers are well over 1000 cases.

Although case numbers are historically high, the new variant seems to be a milder illness.

“It doesn’t seem to be as severe as what delta was…people are describing it as the worst cold they’ve ever had or mild sinus issues ‘just had some drainage, had the sniffles, thought I'd get tested. And low and behold, I was positive.”

Although the potential effects of the new variant are not as severe for most people Tedford still encourages taking safety precautions, “Wash your hands, practice social distancing, mask when you’re in the public especially indoors and please get vaccinated.”

39 news will continue to update you on Covid-19 numbers on air and online.

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