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Protecting Your Furry Friends: The Heat Can Be 'Ruff' !

JACKSON, Tn.-Attention pet parents! This week’s temperatures are rising to triple digits! This type of heat could cause major injuries to your furry friend.

Routine dog walks could look a bit different this time of year. Researchers say that asphalt can get up to 60 degrees hotter than the surrounding air temperature. Making it unbearable for animals to walk on.

“The general rule of thumb is if you let the back of your hand against the concrete and in less than 7 seconds, it's uncomfortable and you have to remove your hand, then it's too hot for them to walk.” says Whitney Owen, Animal Service Director.

Whitney explains that hot asphalt can cause blistering and peeling on paws, making it impossible for them to walk for several days. But this isn't the only thing to look out for

“Strenuous activity can cause heatstroke. Dogs and cats don't sweat the way that we do. And so, the only way that they have to pull themselves is by panting. And they paint very fast, and they draw external air into their lungs. And the air is supposed to cool the blood in the lungs as it spreads out through the body,” explains Whitney Owen, Animal Service Director.

This is why it is important to keep animals hydrated with cool water. Especially pets that are kept outside.

“The sad part is, even though they're not directly in the sunlight in a doghouse, the doghouse has no air circulation for the most part. And so, it can become basically an oven. And so instead of protecting your dog, they can literally cook them in the oven because it causes heat stroke, heat exhaustion, which are very, very dangerous and in a lot of cases fatal.” Says Whitney Owen, Animal Service Director.

Whitney also wants pet owners to be aware of high temperatures in cars. Try not to leave pets unattended in cars with no air. She also warns that if an officer catches a dog suffering in a vehicle, they have the right to enter your car to save the dog and you could face charges. If you would like more information on how to protect your pets, you can call the Jackson Animal Care Center at 731-422-7028.

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