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Professor At Union Turns Her Life Story Into Art

JACKSON, Tn.-Haelim Allen was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States with her parents and younger sisters when she was a child. She’s now a professor at Union University where she has created an art gallery to depict her journey titled “Momentary Pause.”

“So much of my work and what is a very early installation work to two of the works that are more recent this year. And it has to do with identity, memory, the sense of belonging to a place.” explained Art Professor Haelim Allen.

Allen was able to share some of the challenges she faced when first arriving in America.

“So, I think early on, it definitely was a shock in so many ways of assimilating to a new culture, a place, different types of people. And it affected, of course, family dynamics, too, because here are my parents who also did not speak a lot of English and having to navigate with them in this new place.” says Allen.

The artist hopes that people will be able to relate her story when they come to view the gallery.

“We all have pictures of our families. We all have where we grew up. And so it's more of an evocation of memory and this sense of connectedness that I want viewers to have when they come into the space.”

If you would like to view the Momentary Pause Art Exhibit, you can visit the Penick Academic Complex at Union University. It will be available for viewing starting today until February 15th 2024.

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