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Preparing for the Holidays? Don' t wait until the last minute to make a plan for your pets


As the holidays approach many people have taken time off and made travel plans but a plan for pets is an often-forgotten detail. Waiting until the last minute could create a problem for pet owners

"Anytime that there’s a national holiday you’re going to find that people want to travel with family and friends and go places. And that’s always going to increase our boarding,” said Richard Sellers.

Richard and Rhonda Sellers own and operate Furry Friends K9 care boarding in Jackson.

They say that Christmas is the busiest time of the year for boarding pets and boarding places are quickly filling up

Rhonda shares some tips for making sure your pet has a place to go while you travel for the holidays, "You want to call ahead, you want to visit places because you don’t want to drop your dog off somewhere that you’ve not visited. Make sure you call, for a holiday at least probably a month ahead for most places.”

While others are out of town enjoying the holidays the sellers are taking care of clients dogs

“We are you know working during the busiest times, so we have to do our family time around that. So we have to really look ahead and block out certain times and things like that to make sure we get time without families as well,” said Ronda.

Richard says don’t wait until the last minute to find a boarding place, instead find a regular boarding place for whenever you go out of town, "Have a place secured, you know where they are going, and you know they are always going to have fun when they are there. Whether it’s with us or anybody.”

The sellers say make sure your pet's vaccinations are up to date when you board them,

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