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Power outage in North Jackson shuts down Union University


A power outage in north Jackson shut down campus at Union University.

“I got up and started getting ready and about at 8 o’clock the power went out…all of the students started communicating with each other and saying that everywhere the power was out,” said Union student Jared Oliva.

Since the power outage happened early in the morning some students like Ben Muha were still asleep,

“I was asleep and then just heard a pew…and we all went out into the living room and i think that was when we realized, great the powers out,” Muha said.

Other students like Peter Holmquist were in class when the power went out,

“The lights kind of flickered a little bit and went out, our professor continued on with class until we got to a point where we had to have internet access," said Holmquist.

The University cancelled classes for the remainder of the day. Students say they were enjoying the day off when they realized the power outage was going to make the day uncomfortable.

Oliva said, “It felt a little bit colder in my room and you could slowly feel the room start to get colder but it wasn’t so unbearable.”

The lack of power made hygiene practices difficult as well Muha said, “As time progressed on, we were realizing… we have to get a shower at some point.”

The dining hall also lost power, but Holmquist said they did what they could to provide for students, “Because they weren’t able to cook anything they had cold cuts and everything, students were able to go in and get lunch if they didn’t have anything in their dorm.”

39 news reached out to Jackson Energy Authority for comment on the cause of the power outage but have not received an answer.

They were able to get the power back on about 10:30 this morning.

“Everybody in the entire building yelled,” said Muha.

Students say they are thankful that power was restored quickly, and they can return to regular life.

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