Potential COVID Spike Response Plans


“As covid cases rise here in Madison county and across the state of Tennessee, health care professionals are preparing for what could potentially be another huge spike.”

There are over one hundred new cases being reported in madison county with week compared with only 22 last week according to the health department. That's a five hundred percent increase in cases . Statewide Tennessee is seeing a spike in numbers as well.

“here in Tennessee, we have had over a two-hundred percent increase in cases since July 1st. And even in the last seven days, our numbers continue to go up. The average per day over the last seven days is about seven-hundred cases or over seven hundred cases a day and that continues to grow,” says Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner Dr.Lisa Piercey.

Amy Garner of west Tennessee health care speaks about their plan if this spike continues to grow, “in a situation where we would have another spike, we would consider opening up dedicated covid units again like we did before. We would bring in portable air handling units to turn entire floors into isolation floors basically. And so, all of those things that we did last year when we started getting those increased numbers.”

She says that returning to these practices is a worst-case scenario but they are prepared to do what is necessary

Garner says that the best way to avoid a spike in cases and hospitalizations is to get vaccinated, “the thing that I would like the community to know is that all of the hospitalized cases that we have right now have not been vaccinated. So, if there ever was any doubt about getting the vaccine now is the time to get your vaccination because we know that the vaccination prevents serious illness, and we know that it prevents hospitalizations and deaths.”

Currently, almost thirty-nine percent of Tennesseans have been fully vaccinated

While nearly forty-three percent have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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