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Plant experts urge gardeners to plant now

JACKSON, Tenn. (WNBJ) - With spring in full bloom, many gardeners are looking to plant their spring flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 39 News talked to a local nursery and a research center about this planting season.

“In the nursery industry, spring is our season,” said James Wick, the Nursery Manager with Morris Nursery and Landscapes.

James Wick, the Nursery Manager at Morris Nursery and Landscapes talks about the increased number of customers during the springtime.

“Easter to Mother’s Day that is when we really see the customer uptick. That used to do about 80 percent of our business in those 6 to 8 weeks. We have leveled out to where it’s most constant year-round,” said Wick.

Wick also talks about which plants are selling the most.

“Everybody is tired of being pinned up over winter and everybody is anxious to get out. This time of year everyone is thinking vegetable gardens, especially with grocery store prices right now so vegetable, and fruit trees are very popular this year,” said Wick.

The UT Gardens in Jackson is gearing up for its spring plant sale happening Friday, May 6th, and Saturday, May 7th.

“So, at the plant sale, there will be a huge assortment of plants from vegetables, trees, shrubs, annuals like the petunias I have here. This one is called Bee’s Knees. Perennials that come back every year. The plant sale is divided into sections. There’s the outdoor section that’s the UT Garden plants and inside the building is the Madison County Master Gardeners' plants,” said Jason Reeves, the Research Horticulture at UT Gardens in Jackson.

Jason Reeves, the Research Horticulture at UT Gardens, gives some helpful tips to first-time gardeners.

“If you’re new to gardening there are some great plants out there to start with, but there are also some challenging ones. So, sticks to plants like sweet potato vine, vinca, lantana, sunflowers, and xenia. Those are easy-to-grow plants and start small. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed at the task at hand,” said Reeves.

Spring will continue until June 21st and both garden experts say this is the best time to plant your gardens.

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