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Plans set for possible skatepark coming to Jackson

JACKSON, TN (WNBJ) - A new skatepark may be in the works in the city of Jackson.

At the city council meeting this week, the council discussed the west Tennessee skatepark initiative. An initiative that would fund the new construction of a skatepark for the hub city.

“I absolutely adore skateparks because I think they are for people who don’t feel like they necessarily have a place and it gives them a place,” said Jenn Fearnley with the Skatepark Initiative of West Tennessee.

Jenn Fearnley with the Skatepark Initiative of West Tennessee explains the need for the park.

“People use skateboarding, rolling skating, scootering, as a freedom of expression so this just allows one more area of recreation for people in our community,” said Fearnley.

Jackson Mayor Scott Conger supports the initiative and talks about how the skatepark project will be funded.

“So, what they presented to us is that they are going to do the capital investments so raising the money for the initial capital investment. So, they are raising the money to build the skatepark and once it’s built then we will take over the operational responsibility of it,” said Mayor Scott Conger, the city of Jackson.

The city of Jackson Recreation and Parks Department says they have committed to help the skatepark initiative.

“We have committed to help them along with that process of design. We have the land dedicated for it. That’s going to be out at the Old Highland Park golf course area that we purchased years ago where the tennis complex is," said Tony Black, the Executive Director with the Jackson Recreation & Parks Department.

The Recreation and Parks Department is excited about the impact it will have on the community.

“We think it is a beautiful thing and it would help Jackson really be on the map when it comes to that type of amenity. Skateparks are a growing trend and now it is a sport in the Olympics, so we are very, very please about that. To have something like that to add to the quality of life, particularly for our young people,“ said Black.

The Skatepark Initiative of West Tennessee is currently trying to raise 800,000 dollars for the project.

To donate you can visit the Skatepark Initiative of West Tennessee donation website.

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