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Planet Fitness has new ways to help customers stay fit in the New Year

Reports and surveys show that over 90 percent of Americans set fitness goals in their new years’ resolution. During the Pandemic, Planet fitness has new ways of helping their customers stay fit for their overall health.

Health experts say the pandemic restrictions take a toll on mental health, causing severe stress and anxiety. one way to cope with that is exercising.

“When we work out, we release endorphins,” said Quintin Dailey, the senior fitness training support manager.

According to Dailey, releasing those endorphins has a positive effect on a person’s mood.

“It is already going to increase how you feel. Maybe about 30 minutes after you exercise, you’re going to have that bubbly feeling,” said Dailey.

As the pandemic continues, many are reluctant to go to a gym. Planet fitness has experienced a significant decline in patrons. However, they are using social media to reach customers with virtual workouts.

Those are going to be on Facebook and YouTube at 7 pm est. And we have that as an added benefit, so you can still get moving if you’re not ready to come back in or if you are.”

Alongside the Coronavirus, obesity is a health crisis that America has been fighting for over 30 years. Daily says staying fit and exercising combats both.

“Fitness is very essential. once we strengthen our immune systems, we can protect against things like infection or disease.”

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