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"Pickin' in the Park" set to kick off in Henderson


Live music will soon fill the downtown area of Henderson! The Henderson-Chester County Chamber of Commerce is set to kick off "Pickin’ in the park" at Sue Shelton White Park.

“We're going to have like old time country and bluegrass and folk musicians. It's all acoustic,” said Blake Hopper of the Henderson-Chester County Chamber of Commerce.

Hopper believes the monthly event will give people another good reason to come downtown, "Just provide some local entertainment. A little bit of buzz downtown for our local markets. And restaurants. And hopefully it'll be a good little things, some for some people to do.”

But "Pickin' in the park" is expected to do more than just help the downtown economy, “Anything like this is a quality of life for our residents here in Henderson and Chester County. So you know, maybe when they drive by and there they have nothing going on, on Thursday night, they can drop by here and enjoy a little music," said Hopper.

The first "Pickin in the Park" kicks off this Thursday (4/21) , at 6 and runs until about 8 pm

Hopper promises to keep the event simple with a casual atmosphere. People are invited to bring their lawn chairs.

“We hope to get enough musicians to have individual jam sessions going on simultaneously...we might have a bluegrass band in one corner and a couple of guitars in another corner and maybe some point they all come together," Hopper said.

The chamber of commerce hopes that this event will continue every third Thursday of the month.

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