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Pfizer vaccine is set to be available for 5 to 11 yr old's in Jackson

After receiving FDA and CDC approval the Pfizer is set to role out for 5 to 11-year-olds at the Jackson-madison county regional health department.

Many parents have been waiting to be able to vaccinate their children for covid-19, tomorrow they will be able to do just that.

“We have had a lot of calls; we’ve got a lot of parents who are really excited to be able to vaccinate their children.”

Mallory Cooke says that they expect a large turn out over the next couple of days," Mallory Cooke of the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department. She went on to say, “I talked with a mom earlier today who said she is gonna feel a lot better being able to send her kids to school now that they will be able to be vaccinated.”

Covid vaccines for children over 12 have already been available but this is the first time that a vaccine has been approved for younger children. One man believes that vaccinating children for covid-19 is a good idea.

Cooke says, “If I had small children I would probably (have them) get the vaccine. I’ve had both of mine and my booster shot, no side effects.”

The health department is also encouraging people to give their children the shot, “We hope that people will seriously consider getting their children vaccinated," says Cooke.

The Jackson madison county regional health department will offer the Pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11 beginning tomorrow morning. No appointment is necessary, just walk-in.

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