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'Permit-less' carry handgun bill pushes through Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee

Tennessee’s senate judiciary passes a bill to allow permit-less carry of handguns and now there are Tennesseans on both sides of this controversial bill.

The bill was first introduced last year, but was put on hold mainly due to the pandemic. Now SB0765 is back in the legislature and moving fast.

There are people for the bill and people who have a few more questions.

Local gun shop owner, Lance Sherer, says it’s a constitutional right and a need to protect.

“We need to have the ability to protect our family and to protect loved ones and to protect innocent people who may be defenseless," he says.

Sherer also mentioned that as a gun shop owner he has seen more first time customers than ever before. He says that is a good thing not only for his business, but more people are wanting to protect themselves.

District 2 Jackson City Councilman, Johnny Dodd, says he supports the 2nd amendment but he is concerned with who may be able to get their hands on a gun if the bill is made law.

“I do understand that they still have to go through the process to purchase a gun, so I think there is a catch 22 in there. But then again we have to be careful about just giving guns to 21 year olds that a lot are not responsible or just started even being adults," says Dodd.

While speaking he also called on the community to come together to stop violence in the area.

If the bill is passed anyone 21 and up could carry a handgun if they meet the requirements.

There are 12 states in the US that have what they call the connotational carry law that allows residents to carry without a permit.

Tennessee could potentially become the 13th state with the bill that allows permit less carry of handguns.

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